Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant

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Authentic Mexican Restaurant in Winlock, WA

Come and try a delicious Mexican restaurant that cooks with passion and fresh ingredients for every meal. Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant in Winlock, WA, has won over our community by remaining committed to serving fresh, hot, authentic food for over 21 years.

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Authentic Mexican Cuisine at Affordable Prices

Fresh Ingredients  21 Years in Business  Affordable Prices

Founded by Passionate Cooks

Our team of cooks has been creating amazing Mexican cuisine long before they called it a career, and that passion from decades of cooking is what makes our Mexican restaurant a staple in our community. Our patrons know that, every time they come to our local restaurant, they will receive a freshly cooked meal for a low price. 

Authentic Food Made From Fresh Ingredients 

A truly authentic Mexican restaurant like ours pays homage to our roots by only using fresh ingredients to create our Mexican dishes. Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant is proud to say that everything in our kitchen is made from scratch and prepped fresh for each customer. 

Friendly Service & Great Prices 

Besides the amazing food, our Mexican restaurant is renowned for our friendly service and great prices. Providing these two things brings us closer to the community we serve and allows for as many people as possible to try our delicious Mexican cuisine. 

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Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant in Lewis County is the place to go for quality Mexican food at affordable prices. Visit our Mexican restaurant today for a relaxing sit-down experience, or call us to order your favorite Mexican dish to-go. We look forward to serving you!